Not Difficult, This Is The Way To Teach Polite to Children

Children can be good at math or fluent in English, but not necessarily able to be polite. Parents certainly agree that manners as an important thing are taught early on. Naturally, we see a person's attitude first, whether he is polite or not. Only then will see other abilities. Teaching courtesy is a lifelong education whose results may not be immediately apparent, however, teaching manners is one important way of educating children. Teaching Polite Behavior Begins Early Actually, children aged 1.5 years, can already understand that other people also have feelings like those he feels. At this age children can begin to be more emphasized about the importance of courtesy. Although at that age, children do not fully understand the meaning of the words he hears, but mothers can begin to teach them by giving examples in everyday life. For example, getting used to say thank you when receiving gifts and help from others. Likewise when he asks for help from others, remind him to sa
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